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Oversensitive clitoris

The clitoris has as many as 8 thousand nerve endings. This is a gift from nature for women to enjoy. But abundance can hurt. With a hypersensitive clitoris must be treated very gently.

Hypersensitive clitoris - where does it come from? The clitoris is made up of the same tissue as the penis, is much more sensitive. But for most women, this is only a plus, which gives them pleasure and enjoyment. For some, however, the sensitivity of the clitoris is so great that the gentlest caress causes pain.

Where does the increased sensitivity of the clitoris?

This happens when there are much more nerve endings in the clitoris than in most women. The reason may also be at the individual pain threshold. Each of us reacts differently to touch and interprets them as "pleasant", "neutral" or "painful." The threshold of pain perception depends on the design and sensitivity of the nervous system, as well as their endings (receptors).

Clitoris or psyche

There are women who feel pain when caressing the clitoris occasionally. It is worth then to think about what kind of situation it was, what moment of the menstrual cycle, how all this was accompanied by mood and feeling towards the partner. Various sexual problems can be associated with emotional experiences, with subconscious fears and taboos that manifest bodily sensations. Or with hormone levels. But despite the fact that is the cause of increased sensitivity of the clitoris, you can hone caress so that a woman gets pleasure, not pain.

How to caress a hypersensitive clitoris

There are several ways to stimulate the clitoris gently, so as to give the woman the pleasure of orgasm without pain.

  • Laski clitoris should start at the beginning of foreplay, then, when a woman, like a man, is not very excited. The clitoris is not yet swollen with blood from excitement and has less sensitivity.
  • Caress clitoris will be softer if you use moisturizers that will reduce friction.
  • You can also caress the clitoris through slippery linen material - silk or satin. Friction that can cause pain is eliminated.
  • When hypersensitive clitoris worth a try gentle caress language. Saliva moisturizes the skin, and the tongue is soft and sensitive. A man should, however, smoothly shave his face so as not to irritate the gentle surroundings.
  • Another way is to gently press the clitoris with your fingers and perform rotational movements.

If all the methods do not help - you can ask the doctor about the anesthetic gel and apply it on the clitoris before sexual intercourse.

Medicine has long been "against" the clitoris

Medical literature proves dismissive attitude science to female physiology. Since the II century AD, the clitoris is infinite found and "lost" scientists from different countries.Moreover, over the past three hundred years thousands of references to penis operations have been accumulated, and practically none of the surgical manipulations with the clitoris, except for a few cases of skin disease or cancer. All these centuries, the question of the return of sensitivity to the clitoris did not seem to be confronted by scientists. At the same time, various female genital mutilation,   designed to deprive a woman of orgasm - including the removal of the head of the clitoris - were distributed throughout the world and meet in our days.

Today surgeons around the world already conduct operations that help restore the sensitivity of the clitoris to women who have undergone mutilation. However, until now most of the textbooks, especially those published before 1998, suffer from the insufficiency of even elementary data on the clitoris, basically presenting it only as a head and ignoring the fact that the erectile tissue of the clitoris is ten times larger than what often presented on anatomical models in the offices of doctors and in anatomy books.

The clitoris blew a reproductive picture.

Until the 1990s, no one knew how the clitoris actually worked. Urologist Helen O'Connell from the Royal Melbourne Hospital conducted a study on the microinnervation of theclitoris using magnetic resonance imaging and in 1998 published results. Needless to say, similar studies for men using MRI were done back in the 1970s. Only in 2005, the American Association of Urology published one of the reports O'Connell on the structure of the clitoris. Despite the amazing results of research, the textbooks still did not contain a description of the structure of the clitoris or depicted it only from the outside. At the same time, whole chapters were devoted to the penis.   - the reproductive paradigm as it is.

The ancestor of scientific anatomy, Andreas Vezaliy, accused contemporaries looking for clitoris of mystifications and promoted the view that the penis and vagina are mirror reproductive organs intended for each other (and for reproducing the species). The clitoris broke this picture of the world no less than Copernicus, who undermined the geocentric model of the Renaissance. And in 2009, the French researcher Odile  Buisson and Dr. Pierre Folde unveiled The first results of an ultrasound scan of the stimulated clitoris revealed the connection between the cavernous bodies and the sensitivity of the vagina. This revolutionary discovery put an end to the confrontation of the clitoral and vaginal orgasms.  

The clitoris has only one function.

Obviously, the clitoris is not needed for procreation. Nor is it intended to urinate, contrary to the still existing myth: the urethra, along which urine flows, is located beneath it.Scientists can not figure out what evolutionary role played by the clitoris in the role of humanity, whether it is related to adaptation or reproductive function. While it is believed that the clitoris has only one, but very important work.   - to bring a woman pleasure.  

Dr. Elizabeth Lloyd analyzed data more than thirty different studies and concluded that 75 percent of women can not reach orgasm during penetration without stimulating the clitoris. The world has already abandoned the idea of ​​Freud that clitoral pleasure is a sign of immature sexuality. Women have long tried to impose the idea that they are supposed to have sex only for conceiving children. Today it became clear that the clitoris is the most important part of female sexuality.

The clitoris is much bigger than it looks.  

On the question of what the clitoris is, most people will answer that it is a small bump in the upper part of the labia. However, this is only a smaller part of the clitoris - the rest is inside pelvis. The head, visible above the labia and partially or completely closed by the skin of the foreskin, passes into the body of the inner clitoris. It is divided by two cavernous body - spongy organs, shaped like horns. They are similar to the cavernous bodies of the penis, but smaller in size. In the excited state, the cavernous bodies of the clitoris are poured with blood and tightly cover the vagina on both sides - this is where the pleasant sensations during penetration come from.

Clitoral bulbs,located under the skin of the labia minora, when excited, too, filled with blood and cover the vaginal opening - then it expands, its sensitivity increases. Orgasmicspasms remove the blood from the bulbs, but if the orgasm does not occur, then the process of release from excess blood can last up to several hours.

The clitoris is essentially the same as a penis.

Anatomically, the clitoris is analogous to the male penis. The visible and most sensitive part of the clitoris is also called the head, as is the corresponding part of the penis in men. However, the female head, although much smaller, is about two times more sensitive than the male head. There are about 4 thousand sensitive nerve fibers in the head of the penis, and all 8 thousand in the head of the clitoris. This explains the frequent difficulties in men with understanding how light stimulation can sometimes lead a woman to orgasm.

The sensitivity of the clitoris of different women varies depending on its size and how close the clitoris is to the skin. Direct stimulation can hurt women with an open and sensitive clitoris, and those with a large foreskin hood often do not experience the expected sensations. In the first case, you can just easier handle the clitoris, and in the latter, advances in medicine come to the rescue. Women perform an operation like male circumcision to free the clitoris from under the skin hood.  

Clitoris erects

As mentioned above, the excitement causes blood to flow to the cavernous bodies of the clitoris: it swells and increases with the soft tissues surrounding it. It is called erection of the clitoris .In some women, the erect clitoris is tripled, while in others it practically does not change size. The response of the clitoris to stimulation is much slower than that of the male penis: it is revived only 20-30 seconds after the onset of exposure. After orgasm, the clitoris gradually assumes its former size.

Clitoris can be very different sizes.  

The size of the clitoris is determined by the genetics and the level of sex hormones. The clitoris and penis develop from the same embryonic tissue: what happens in the end depends on the sexual definition of the embryo. With increased production of male hormones, the clitoris can increase over a wide range, which can make it difficult to determine the sex of the embryo: this is why boys often predicted by ultrasound are born girls. The difference between the size of the penis and the clitoris in adults is due solely to the fact that the penis has the function of conveying the genetic material of a man, sperm, into the depths of the vagina, and the clitoris is not intended for penetration and can afford to be miniature.

Contrary to rumors, the size of the clitoris is not related to the woman’s ability to experience sexual arousal. In the most obvious cases, when the clitoris is close in size and shape to the penis, we can talk about the phenomenon of intersex - gender that does not fit into the opposition "man - woman". A significant increase in clitoris in adulthood may be due to hormonal imbalances, for example   polycystic ovary syndrome. Clitoromegaly It can also occur on the background of taking steroids (for example, athletes) or intransgender men on the background of hormone replacement therapy.

However, the clitoris can be of very different size - and at the same time remain within the normal range. It is possible to get an orgasm, regardless of the shape, size or color of the clitoris: the dominance of monotonous images on the Web is associated with the dictate of the porn market , and not the real state of affairs. Many women may feel insecure due to the fact that their genitals are far from the "canon". Brave girls struggle with this posting photos their clitoris and studying other people's images: it helps to realize the variety of shapes and sizes.

Vaginal orgasm depends on clitoral location

The first French psychoanalyst, Princess Marie Bonaparte, could not reach orgasm with either her husband or four lovers, but she easily orgasmed during masturbation. She did not put up with the state of affairs for nothing and carried out a large-scale study, measuring the vaginas of two hundred and fifty women in search of the connection between their device and the woman’s ability to enjoy penetration.

In a report in 1924, she brought out the so-called thumb rule (in fact, this is the rule of one phalanx of the thumb). According to him, if the clitoris is located less than 2.5 centimeters from the entrance to the vagina, it is easy for a woman to experience an orgasm during penetration. The greater the distance, the farther away the frictions from the main nerve tissue and the more difficult it is to achieve a vaginal orgasm. In 2010, Dr. Kim Wallen and Dr. Elizabeth Lloyd published a detailed report. About checking experiment Marie Bonaparte and confirmed her findings on the short path to orgasm.

Pornography does not teach how to handle clitoris

Much of pornography shows clit manipulation as a very formal prelude or as a postcoital tickling, and not as the most important path to a female orgasm or a part of penetration that is necessary for many. Even those videos in which only the female team is involved give a misconception about the purpose of the clitoris. Sometimes it is rubbed as if they want to make a fire - in fact, it is often too rough. In general, learning from pornography is a bad thing: it not only ignores the psychophysical features of real people and their sexual practices, but also forms false ideas about the desires and needs of the participants in the act.  

Female orgasm is not "harder" than male

There is a widespread belief that it is more difficult for women to reach orgasm than for men. From the point of view of the physiology of the female body is not so. According toresearch Dr. Alfred Kinsey , 45 percent of women,   masturbating, they could have an orgasm within three minutes - and this is no longer than the data of the survey of men.This means that the reason for difficulties in achieving orgasm with a partner is not a mysterious female physiology, but a lack of knowledge, experiments of a particular pair or group of partners, and psychological factors that prevent a woman from relaxing.

Clitoral hypertrophy: causes, consequences

What is clitoral hypertrophy?

Cause hypertrophy (similarity of the female clitoris to the penis) changes in the structure of the female reproductive organ, when the labia become one, resembling externally the scrotum, closing the entrance to the vagina. Clitoral hypertrophy is considered a disease that causes difficulties in identifying gender. About the causes of this disease and its consequences can be said with accuracy only after the difference between the normal structure of the organ and the anomalous development is clear.

What does a female clit look like?

The female clitoris is the most sensitive area of ​​the sexual organ, which is devoid of urinary function. By structure, it is divided into three main areas: One of the most sensitive areas is the head, which consists of a large number of blood vessels and nerve endings. With hypersensitivity in some women, the stimulation of this zone causes pain. The head is hidden under the fold of the skin, and with sexual arousal, it can increase in size and be clearly visible. At rest, the head is usually not visible. The skin tissue that connects the labia minora and the surface of the clitoris is called the frenulum. The hood of the clitoris is one of the most distinct parts that can be identified by visual inspection. This part of some girls is the most erogenous zone. In normal condition, the size of the clitoris should not exceed five millimeters. If its size exceeds this value, then we are talking about a pathological process or fetal defect. In addition, the visually large clitoris can resemble a male member.

Clitoris in a state of excitement

As mentioned above, this organ is hypersensitive to stimulation, since it consists of a large accumulation of nerve endings. The body of a woman during intercourse and activation of this zone is able to behave in different ways. Basically, the degree of arousal and orgasm during stimulation is determined by vaginal discharge. If a woman has not yet reached orgasm, the fluid near the clitoris accumulates in large quantities, which increases the pleasant sensations. Before the orgasm itself, the clitoris is slightly compressed, providing the protective function of the most sensitive area. After the process is completed, it may increase several times due to a rush of blood or remain the same size. If a woman has clitoral hypertrophy, then there is no significant change in the appearance of the sexual organ during its stimulation. Defect can contribute to the emergence of psychological trauma for the majority of young girls and fear of intimate relationships. However, according to medical surveys, some do not consider a malformation of the genital organ a problem that should be solved surgically, due to the high sensitivity of the hypertrophied zone.

What are the causes of clitoral hypertrophy?

Clitoral hypertrophy can have many causes, among which are particularly marked intrauterine developmental pathologies. However, hypertrophy is of varying degrees, and is found at different life stages: at birth, in childhood or adulthood. Some women are mistaken in the belief that a large clit is the result of prolonged masturbation. This is not true. Malformation of the clitoris can only be the result of congenital or acquired excess male hormonal levels in the body. Excessive influence of androgens - male hormones - on the female body is considered a reason to visit an endocrinologist or a genetics doctor.

The following causes of pathological development and changes in the clitoris are distinguished: Disorders in the chromosomes: the partial or complete absence of the seventh chromosome.

  • Syndromes Hermann and Fraser.
  • Congenital malformations.
  • Tumors, for example, ginandroblastoma , which occur in women of child-bearing age.
  • Polycystic ovary.
  • Long-term hormone therapy.
  • Tumor of the esophagus.
  • Tumor of the vulva.
  • Renal pathology, genital pathology.
  • Acceptance of potent drugs.

Some of the above causes of hypertrophy in reality are extremely rare, but most require immediate medical intervention from the surgeon, oncologist, and genetics, since they can be the result of severe health problems. If the cause of the appearance of hypertrophy is intrauterine, then the girl is over time manifested deviations from the limits of the norm in the development of the sexual organ. In this case, the hood of the clitoris can stretch to fifteen centimeters, while the labia minora will be within acceptable limits.

Consequences of the disease

Clitoris hypertrophy requires treatment if it is caused by internal factors that are dangerous to the patient's health and interfere with a full life. It is important to know that no drug therapy can cure this disease. If the girl at an early age has the above symptoms, you should immediately consult a specialist for advice. Many women wonder if the clitoris hypertrophy can pass with age? Independent hypertrophy can not pass. This is facilitated by various tumors or diseases that have arisen in a certain period of life, as well as changes at the genetic level during the development of the fetus in the womb. One of the consequences of clitoral hypertrophy is reduced sensitivity and inability to achieve a full orgasm.

How to treat clitoral hypertrophy?

Eliminate clitoral hypertrophy can only be surgically at the request of the woman. Basically, this method is resorted to if hypertrophy reduces sexual function and interferes with sex life.The operation consists of trimming the foreskin to expose the clitoris and is cosmetic. This surgical intervention resembles the process of circumcision in men.

13 rules for dealing with the clitoris.

Before you are instructions on how to control the console of female sexuality. Women are accustomed to content themselves with little: even half a centimeter is enough for them to have a happy sex life.


The most important thing in the clitoris is to find it. It is located in the corner formed by the folds of the labia at the very bottom of the pubis. This is a small oblong tubercle (however, sizes and shapes may be different). It is not so easy to find it, especially by touch, but it is worth trying to do it (it would be better if you manage without a flashlight and a microscope).


The sensitivity of the clitoris varies, but it is worth considering that the most insensitive clitoris still exceeds the penis in these parameters. And it surpasses so much that many women do not tolerate direct touching of it with their finger.


Some desperate girls pierce their clit. On the one hand, it makes sex much sharper, on the other - such a girl is never immune from minor but extremely painful incidents related to the fact that someone accidentally hurt or pulled the magic ring.


Women also have an erection. The stronger the girl is excited, the larger and redder her clitoris becomes.


Many women have no vaginal orgasm at all - only clitoral . That is, she can have an orgasm only at those moments when someone strokes or rubs her clit.



Not a single man in the world, not even the winner of the pianists competition, can compete with the cheapest vibrator when it comes to clitoral stimulation. Therefore, do not argue with nature - it is better to buy this very vibrator and make it your reliable assistant.


Never have to play with her clitoris with dry fingers. Before you take up this matter, moisten them with saliva.


Girls with a hypersensitive clitoris do not tolerate direct contact with it at all. In this case, the best thing is to cover the capricious button with the fold of the adjacent skin and act only through it.


Immediately before inserting your 49.5 cm penis into the vagina, rub them into the area where the clitoris is located. Do not forget about him also during sex. Especially if you use a pose in which your fingers easily reach the cherished place. The most convenient for this pose - " Doggie - Style ".


However, during sex directly, you should not focus on the clitoris: 10-15 seconds of stroking will be enough for it to recharge your sexual energy for the next few minutes.


Being engaged in oral sex with a woman, remember: the best movement is the circular rotation of the tongue around the clitoris.


In sex shops, gels are sold that stimulate blood flow to the clitoris and thus accelerate the onset of orgasm.


The best and always available vibrator for the clitoris is a shower hose with an unscrewed water divider.